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HOM Learning Center

ESIS offers a variety of web based
training resources including:

HOM Instructions
Frequently Asked Questions
HOM Demo
Online Training Tutorials
Detailed Customer Specifications

What's New

Innovations and new developments to HOM

Rapid Manufacturing Launch Success
ESIS is proud to report the successful launch or Rapid Manufacturing transactions.

Avion Global and Infinity Air
selects ESIS as their SPEC2000 provider.

Spirit AeroSystems
expands their SPEC2000

customer base with Air India
and Malaysia.

New HOM Rollout
Precision Devices rolls out
Arrow Invoice and Change Order.

HOM Quick Tips

Helpful tips for managing your HOM system

How to print documents on HOM:

Step 1: Login to HOM. In Report Preferences select 'Download Reports to your Hard Drive'

Step 2: From the 'Document List' page, click on the tick-box to the left of each document you wish to print.

Step 3: Click on 'Report'

Step 4: Click 'Open' or 'OK' in the file box. You will see an MS Word File.

Step 5: Print this file

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